Are you a professional engineer in the State of California that is working on their own or with a firm that maybe needs a little help with some of their work as you get busier, but are not ready to bring other engineers, designers, and drafters on board full time? Have you ever considered contracting for technical services?

If you have, then why not take a look at what Reiner Technical Services can offer you or your firm. I offer experienced services at competitive lump sum pricing or as-needed hourly services.

​RTS is a separate business set-up as a 1099 company. This allows you to contract for only the services you require.

​RTS is fully skilled at providing the following civil engineering services under a Civil Engineer with little to no supervision, but with your guidance and desired direction for your projects.

Robert Reiner is an experience civil engineering project engineer with over 15 years of experience in San Diego and Southern California. He graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University in 1999, has a certificate in Technical Writing as a Technical Writer from San Diego State University, is licensed as an E.I.T. in California as Licensee 109362, has passed the P.E. Exam 8-Hour, Survey, and Take-Home sections, and is working on completing his seismic portion of the CA P.E. licensure. Additionally, Robert does his best to stay on top of local regulations and especially the ever-changing storm water requirements and does his best to make sure he is part of Technical Advisory Committees as well.​ Robert has maintained full employment in various capacities as a civil engineer from a design engineer to a project manager since graduating from San Diego State University in 1999.


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Reiner Technical  Services

All services are provided on a project basis in the form of a contract for services proposal.

Proposals are all inclusive and contain line items for you to execute or exclude in the services you provide to your clients.

Please contact me to request a proposal to provide civil engineering support services to you or your firm.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in meeting your project goals and deadlines.

RTS is a 1099 business that operates remotely and independently. All technology is provided by RTS to maintain independent contractor status. By being remote and not physically part of your office footprint you can utilize RTS to meet deadlines and keep your clients happy while you work on other aspects of your business and with your other clients. 

Just like any contract for services, RTS will discuss the project with you and then provide you with a detailed scope of services. Then, the proposal will become the scope of services with your company. Line items will determined at time of contract execution and every effort is given to provide and all inclusive proposal that includes optional revisions based on agency revisions. 

RTS would like to be as open and clear as a 1099 contractor can be. As such, RTS operates with the following payment terms as of the current time:

-RTS operates on a retainer for services basis. As a client, your services will start as soon as a retainer is received.

-RTS bills final contract amounts once work is completed when a project does not span more than one month.

-RTS bills percentage complete on line items when a project spans more than one month. 

-RTS can modify these on a case-by-case basis during contract negotiations.

-RTS operates in as green as way as possible and utilizes electronic billing and payments.